Building a strong brand presence: Made It Happen podcast

We’re so excited that our interview with the Made It Happen Podcast is now live!

November 12, 2020 News

It was such a pleasure speaking to Sarah Haefling on this week’s episode of RISE on the Made It Happen Podcast.

Made it Happen is a podcast series highlighting young female founders, who took a chance, and launched their own business. Through interviews with young female entrepreneurs, Made it Happen is dedicated to inspiring others through stories of those who have experienced going out on their own first-hand, discussing all the highs – and the lows.

Together, we discussed my experience as a server and how it catapulted me into my marketing career and, overall, the creation of Lunar. We also talked about why Lunar’s focus is on female led businesses, and how to believe in and trust yourself as a CEO. 

Listen to the podcast here

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