The art of reinvention: making your brand adaptable

Reinvention is the name of the game. If it’s not working, change it.

September 16, 2020 Creative

There’s something about back-to-school energy, paired with the wind down from the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer that makes us all eager for reinvention. 

Set new goals, try new things; it’s a total mental game changer. 

The same goes for your brand. 

The beginning of fall, like the beginning of a new moon cycle, is the perfect time for reinvention, set new intentions and strategize a new path forward. By refreshing your efforts, you can start to attract new customers for your business. 

Not sure where to start? That’s OK. 

At Lunar&Co., we’ve mastered the art of reinvention and we’ve come up with 3 tips to help you get started. 

Review, Relate, and Renew!


Review your brand consistency, your website traffic and your social analytics. What’s been working for you and where could you improve? Take note and be open to making some changes. Maybe you needed to make some fast changes and your brand consistency wasn’t that important for you to move quickly? Maybe your landing pages are getting views but you’re not seeing the conversions you need? Maybe your Instagram posts vary in metrics and you’re not sure why some are performing better than others?

Gathering as much information as possible like your metrics, how successful past efforts were and where they weren’t, will help tell you where you need to bring a little TLC and determine your goals for the future. 


Simply put, there’s been a lot going on in the world lately, and it’s made businesses review their content and what they stand for. Using world news, the changing of seasons, life events and everyday struggles is a great way to keep your audience engaged and help you grow at the same time.

When making graphics or writing blog posts for your audience, keep them in mind. What do they actually want to hear? How best can you reach them? Fall is a great time to reset and find new ways to relate. Kids are going back to school, cold(er) weather is upon us and the holiday season is coming soon. Finding ways, small or large, to authentically connect with your audience is what we should all be striving for. 


This has always been one of our fav words! Making something like new; reviving, replenishing, rebuilding. Using the data you’ve collected and determining the key areas for you to connect with your audience all comes together in your plan for the future.

Whether you’ve decided to implement a new social media strategy or campaign, refresh your website to include more of your goals, or go all out and fully renew your brand, you’ve taken the time to understand who your audience is, what they’re coming to you for, and how best you can deliver. Put the wheels into motion and get going! Keep bringing your vision to life. 

At Lunar&Co., we believe that it’s never too late to reinvent your brand, in fact, we encourage it! 
Looking to re-engage your audience this fall? We can help! Tell us what your goals are and we’ll help you create an authentic path forward.

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