How to create a relatable brand

One of the most important questions you should ask yourself when growing a business online is “how do we get our audience to connect with our brand?”

September 2, 2020 Creative

Once your audience is invested in your company, the possibilities are endless. They follow you on social media, interact with your content, refer you to others (we all know word of mouth is the best!) and overall help you grow your bottom line.

But, getting there isn’t always easy! 

It takes a lot of planning and strategy, and even more trial and error.

It’s easier than ever to create online connections with a meaningful brand. 

Below is a list of 3 tactics you can use to connect more with your existing audience, and attract new ones, too!

Use an honest tone.

Whether it’s website copy, blog posts or social media content, the tone of voice you use is so important. Everyone expects a pitch filled with industry keywords and mumbo-jumbo that no one ever really understands. Show them wrong! Use the language that your audience will understand. The best way to explain it is to talk to your audience like you would a friend. Like you’re telling a friend this really great story that you can’t wait for them to hear. Using easy to read, personalized language allows your audience to feel like they aren’t just dealing with a company, but the people behind it. This can help you to create more of an honest, trustworthy relationship between your business and your audience. 

Be human. 

Customers don’t just want to follow a company anymore, they want to follow the people behind the brand. With this insight, being transparent about your team and their experience is key. Share your team’s expertise, values and opinions. Even go as far as to introduce your team. Allowing your audience to see you, understand who you are and learn more about your teams’ experience helps you to build authority in your space. Humans long for connection and if you introduce yourself and your team, your audience will relate to you. 

Engage with your community.

The more you engage, the more your audience will feel connected to you. Use social media as a tool to get to know your audience and what they like about you or want to see change. Ask questions and create dialogue through tools like Instagram’s ‘Ask a Question’ or Poll features, reply to comments so that your audience feels seen. Even more importantly, interact with your audience’s content as well. Like, comment, reply. Interacting with your audience shows them that they can relate to you and that you care about their opinions, which in turn, can allow you to track strategy changes to continue to move forward. 

All in all, be you, be present, and be human. 

The more your audience feels like they can relate to your brand, they will.

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