5 of our fav free serif fonts this fall

We love a good serif font! The strong M’s, the gorgeous T’s, the weighted shape of the O’s. Check out our recent top 5 fav serif fonts.

November 11, 2020 Creative

Choosing the right fonts for your brand can be a tricky task. 

They need to encapsulate the brand personality; reflecting the spirit of your brand and have the ability to evolve with you and your businesses offerings. 

At Lunar & Co., we’re suckers for a good serif! And we love imagining the personality that goes along with each font.  

So, we’ve put together a quick list of our top 5 free serif fonts this fall! Check ‘em out below and get the links to download. 

No. 1: PRATA

free serif fonts - prata

Download Prata here

No. 2: Libre Calson

free serif fonts - libre calson

Download Libre Calson here.

No. 3: Caudex

free serif fonts - caudex

Download Caudex here.

No. 4: Italiana

free serif fonts - italiana

Download Italiana here.

No. 5: Bellefair

free serif fonts - bellefair

Download Bellefair here.

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