5 things you’ll receive in every Lunar & Co. branding package

If design isn’t your thing, don’t do it! That’s literally why companies like Lunar & Co. exist; to help you align your strategy with branding that embodies YOU!

December 2, 2020 Creative
5 things you'll receive in every Lunar & Co. branding package

Strategy might sound like the most boring part about branding, but, it’s the most essential component. 

A founder’s story, their vision and business goals, their ideal client and how they envision their branding all comes together to make sure your brand is rooted in strategy. 

That’s why we like to get to know the people we work with on a personal level; so that we can truly understand your personalities and business and capture with design. 

Design, aka the fun part, isn’t just about creating the perfect logo, colour palette or typeface for us. It’s about preparing you to use all of your designs with intention.

With the in-depth brand assets we deliver to clients, there’s no guessing involved! We teach you how to style everything! 

Here’s a list of five things you’ll review in every Lunar & Co. branding package:


For anyone that doesn’t know, a moodboard is a visual tool used to communicate design concepts and ideas, kind of like a collage, including photography style, typeface examples, colour directions, and more. We could spend hours browsing Pinterest and Pexels for just the right images! Moodboards help to capture the essence of the branding that we’ll end up creating for you. 

Brand Words & Ideal Client

Who is your target audience? What do they do? What emotions do you want to evoke in your audience? How do you want your audience to perceive you? These words, or feelings, come together to represent how your branding will communicate with your audience through everything you do, say, design and beyond! We’ll highlight these and show you how best to ignite those feelings within your audience. 

Typography and Colour Palette

Did you know that there’s a science behind font and colour choices? Courier fonts are made to evoke feelings of nostalgia, because they remind people of old memos from typewriters. Serif fonts are traditional, and sans-serif fonts are viewed as playful! The same thing goes with colours – yellows can spark joy, and blues instill trust. We’ll include 6-9 colours in your package, as well as primary, secondary and body text fonts. 

Logos & Variations

The entire branding process comes together with your logo. That’s not to say your entire brand should fit in your logo! Your logo does not equal your brand and messy just isn’t cute. We love creating primary logos that are simple (although we hate that word!) and will work well with the evolution of your brand. Logo variations is where we get to have a bit more fun! We include diversity in the logos that we provide because we recognize that each logo has a purpose in your mission for brand recognition (web, social, print, etc.)

Launch Graphics

The launch of your new brand is no small thing! Counting down, dropping hints, and creating hype helps to lay the groundwork to announce your new branding successfully! We create multiple graphics featuring your branding, you, your new colours and fonts, photography and more for you to use on social. 

Looking to rebrand your business or starting something new? We’re now booking branding clients for February!

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