5 reasons to invest in your website

Invest in your website. That sounds like a lofty statement, we know. But the benefits of having a great website for your audience to use as a base to interact with your brand is beyond essential.

January 20, 2021 Creative
5 reasons to invest in your website

*If you’re not vibing with your current site, this is for YOU!

So, when do you need a new website?

The simple answer: when your brand, services and goals have outgrown it!

Especially if your target audience isn’t interacting with your site as it’s intended.

Websites are more than just a pretty thing to talk about your services.

Your website should be the central medium behind your brand that helps you convert your audience to REAL customers.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 reasons to invest in your website. Check it out below.

You want to distinguish your biz from your competitors

You are already different from your competitors. There’s no if’s, and’s, or but’s about it! Whether you offer similar packages, products or pricing, you’re different because well, you’re you! If your website just looks like every other business you consider a competitor, it’s going to be difficult for visitors to tell you apart. Your site needs to bleed your specific brand and tell visitors why they need YOU specifically.

You want to build trust between your biz and customers

Simply having a website is no longer enough (was it ever? LOL). The content is your site is important. From what you say about your story, how you talk about your business, why you started and who your team is, and their expertise is all important. We say this a lot, but people no longer what to interact with a business, they want to connect with the people who have built it and what they stand for. From your mission statement to how you want people to contact you, everything works in unison to build trust between your business and customers.

Your current site isn’t converting visitors

The strategy and user experience behind your website are IMPORTANT! From the structure of each page to the content you write to the placement of every call to action, it’s all to direct visitors with intention. If your site isn’t converting visitors to customers, that means that your current site is missing the mark and is limiting your sales. Whether you’re using your website to blog and want people to sign up for a newsletter, you’re selling products, but things seem to get left in carts often, you’re showcasing your expertise to get more bookings, but no one is reaching out. The experience for the user needs to be first, selling second.

You want to stand out in your community

Most online searches are to find local businesses (if you don’t know, now you know!). This is a key insight that every business should use when building out the strategy, user experience and design of their website. This includes your SEO. If your Search Engine Optimization is non-existent, your local community is going to have a hard time finding you. Your competition might have a bad site but great SEO and they’re going to beat you every time. Building in SEO into your site, whether you’re using a site builder or doing a custom job, is SO KEY!

Your site no longer reflects your business, branding or goals

This is huge. If you’re killing it on social media and people are loving and engaging with your posts but then visit your site and it’s a totally different experience, that’s going to through them off. Marketing and branding people always use this line, because it’s true; consistency is key! Your website needs to grow with your business and reflect all of the branding and strategies you’re utilizing everywhere else.

So, take a long look at your site. Does your current website distinguish you from competitor? Does it have a strategy? Is it converting visitors? Does it build trust? Does it have SEO? Does it still reflect your brand and goals?

If not, if any of this resonates with you, reach out to us at hello@lunarandco.com and we’ll help you change up the game!

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